about me

Right now I'm focused on building great health care applications that connect patients and providers with better information and cut down on workflow issues that take time away from quality care. As VP of Engineering at Avhana Health, I oversee and work on a variety of products and technologies. At the moment I am really excited about Elixir and Phoenix.

When I'm not busy wrangling unruly health data, I try to spend some time away from my laptop. I can often be found at Brooklyn Boulders, out biking around NYC, or stuffing a pile of dumplings into my face with friends and loved ones. The rest of the time, I'm likely reading and hacking on some side projects or ridiculous scripts that do useless things like deliver the weather to my command line.

This blog is mostly about the side projects and goofy sripts. Right now I'm pretty focused on Elixir and some other functional languages like OCaml, but I really like Ruby so that will probably pop up a lot. I'll also be using the blog to test out ideas for talks, so if you caught my talk on Elm and Developer Tooling at BrooklynJS (I built this site's search box for the talk) , then expect similarly eccentric prose and pontification here.